Astep Project

Application of Solar Thermal
Energy to Processes


Application of Solar Thermal Energy to Processes (ASTEP) will create a new innovative Solar Heating for Industrial Processes (SHIP) concept focused on overcoming the current limitations of these systems. SHIP is becoming increasingly relevant as one of the ways to meet the high thermal energy demand required for industry. This involves a double benefit: firstly, by using a renewable energy source, fossil fuel consumption is reduced and therefore the emission of pollution and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere; secondly, heat for industrial processes becomes a new market niche for solar technology, which can lead to a decrease in the cost of solar collectors through economies of scale in manufacturing and learning-curve advances in deployment.

News & Events


ASTEP is a 4-year long EU-funded Research and Innovation Action

Case Studies

Testing the ASTEP concept at real operational conditions at the two case studies facilities: Mandrekas (Greek dairy Industry) & ArcelorMittal (Romanian steel Industry)


With operational capacities, knowledge and experience on top-level in Europe, which ensures efficient exploitation and impact of the project


Project Coordinator

Prof. Antonio Rovira (UNED)

Project Officer

Mrs. Clara Astudillo Llorente

Scientific and Innovation Manager

Dr. David Reay (DRA)

Communication &
Solar Helix Manager

Mrs. Andreea Petrea (CHX)

IPR Manager & Dissemination Manager

Dr. Ruth Herrero-Martín (UPCT)

Exploitation Manager

Dr. Vassiliki Drosou (CRES)

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