Astep Project

ASTEP Included in EEN Catalogue of Energy Solutions!

As a result of the current high-cost energy situation, SMEs throughout Europe face significant pressure to decrease their energy consumption, enhance energy efficiency, and adopt carbon-neutral renewable energy sources as alternatives to environmentally harmful fossil fuels. This pressure extends not only to European SMEs but also to energy-intensive industries, cities, and municipalities, necessitating the development of strategies to facilitate the essential energy system transformation. Solutions to address these needs already exist and available on the market!

Members of the “EEN Energy Task Force” and further energy experts of the Enterprise Europe Network have therefore decided to collect the technical and service solutions as offered by innovative SMEs across Europe. These solutions are specifically tailored to meet the urgent needs of energy-intensive industries, SMEs, cities, and municipalities. Several intelligent solutions are shared within this catalogue and ASTEP is one of the 55 European projects, that has been selected to be part of the EEN Catalogue Energy solutions. 

This catalogue will be available in different European energy efficiency and renewable energy events. You can find the catalogue here, and on page 20, you can read about the ASTEP project.

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