Astep Project

ASTEP M6 plenary meeting

The 1st plenary (progress) meeting of ASTEP project was held on the 10th of November 2020 via teleconference, with representatives from all 16 consortium partners from 9 European countries. The meeting was organised and hosted by the project Coordinator, Dr. Antonio Rovira representing the National University of Distance Education of Madrid, Spain (UNED).

ASTEP is an EU-funded project under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 884411.

ASTEP aims to extend the use of solar thermal energy to industrial processes by implementing innovative, reliable, and advanced technologies to assure a reliable solution needed for continuous operating process. It also aims to support additional projects beyond the demo sites, providing insights for the project’s development and to further create opportunities.

The main focus of ASTEP is on activities that support:
a) the reduction of operational costs of industrial processes;
b) increase the modularity of systems that support the increase of the thermal supply; and
c) the improvement of industrial electronic controllers.

The meeting goal was to reflect on the progress made towards new innovative Solar Heating concept for Industrial Processes and the imminent approach onwards. Furthermore to:
a) discuss the early stages of the project,
b) introduce to the consortium members of the Innovation, Project Steering, Scientific and Technical Committees and their role in the project.


Author: Gianna Avgousti (EBOS)

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