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ASTEP participated in SUSTAINABLE PLACES 2023

The ASTEP Coordinator partner: UNED has participated in the ‘SOLAR ENERGY IN INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES: HOW TO MEET THE EXPECTATIONS OF THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION’ workshop, within the 11th annual edition of Sustainable Places (SP2023) event, in Madrid between the 14th-16th June 2023 and gave a presentation regarding the ‘Development of industrial solutions with limited installation, maintenance, and operation requirements’.

The event presented two projects related to solar thermal applied to industries (FRIENDSHIP and ASTEP), followed by a brief discussion panel. The main idea that emerged from the discussion was that there are several technical challenges that need to be addressed for SHIP technologies to become more numerous, such as storage and hybridization with other technologies. This is why ASTEP’s innovations focus on the Fresnel collector and PCM storage. Additionally, there is a need for education to foster increased trust and further development in the market. In this regard, the FRIENDSHIP project presented some results.

We encourage you to watch the complete video to gain valuable insights and immerse yourself in the workshop experience!

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