Astep Project

ASTEP’s M36 General Assembly

From May 10th to May 12th, 2023, ASTEP held its M36 General Assembly in London. This three-day event was all about reviewing the first 36 months of our project, discussing our achievements, and plotting our course for the future.

Day 1 – Project Steering Committee (May 10th, 2023): The first day was dedicated to the Project Steering Committee meeting. We gathered to make sure our project is on track, manage resources efficiently, and address any challenges that arose.

Day 2 – Scientific & Technical Committee (May 11th, 2023): On the second day, the 17th Scientific & Technical Committee met to dive into the technical progress made over the past 36 months. Our experts analyzed data and discussed the innovations driving our scientific advancements.

Day 3 – Workshop on Exploitation (May 12th, 2023): The General Assembly concluded with a workshop on exploitation.

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