Astep Project

ASTEP’s participation in the Eurotherm Seminar

Our Consortium partner, Analisis-DSC, actively participated in the Eurotherm Seminar “Innovative solutions for thermal energy storage deployment” held from May 24-26, 2023, at the University of Lleida in Spain. The seminar was organized by the GREiA research team at the University of Lleida, with Analisis-DSC proudly serving as one of the twelve sponsors of the event.

Esteemed researchers, practitioners, sister projects, and industry experts in the field of solar thermal energy came together to share their expertise in this rapidly expanding domain. The seminar fostered dynamic discussions on the latest advancements in Thermal Energy Storage (TES), including groundbreaking research on novel storage materials, innovative concepts and configurations, TES applications in renewable energy systems, buildings, and industrial sectors. The utilization of cutting-edge techniques such as artificial intelligence in TES was also explored, alongside insightful discussions on social, environmental, and educational aspects of the field. The seminar featured presentations encompassing theoretical, numerical, and experimental approaches, covering the entire spectrum of TES applications, from material characterization to complete storage systems.

During the event, Analisis-DSC introduced the ASTEP project, a 4-year Horizon 2020 initiative with a consortium of 15 partners dedicated to advancing the field of thermal energy storage. This provided an excellent opportunity for networking, fostering valuable connections, and exploring potential collaborations with other participants.

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