Astep Project

Crowdhelix Developes Cutting Edge AI to Enhance its Recommender Engine by 50%


What Does This Mean for ASTEP? 

Members of the Solar Energy Helix Community will continue to use the Crowdhelix platform as they did before. Changes have only been implemented in the background.

The new Recommender System makes it quicker and easier for members of the Solar Energy Helix Community to connect and collaborate with like-minded experts from across the Crowdhelix global network. Because the new recommender engine is aware of context, it recognises that people describe themselves and their skill sets in different ways and that opportunity posts published on the Crowdhelix platform vary hugely, even if they are published by experts working in the same field.

As such, CHX built the new recommender engine to see beyond superficial differences to bring researchers, innovators, and business leaders together. Which means that members of the Solar Energy Helix Community will now see more opportunities for collaboration and innovation than ever before.


Watch the video for more:

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