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Eurotherm Seminar: Innovative solutions for thermal energy storage deployment 

It is a pleasure for our Consortium partner Analisis-DSC to participate in the Eurotherm Seminar “Innovative solutions for thermal energy storage deployment on May 24-26, 2023, at the University of Lleida in Spain 

The GREiA research team at the University of Lleida (Spain) organizes the Eurotherm Seminar and ADSC is one of the twelve proud sponsors of the event.  


This seminar will bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry, who are working in the rapidly expanding field of thermal energy storage (TES). 

The most recent trends in such areas as novel storage materials, advanced storage concepts and configurations, TES for renewable energy systems, TES in buildings and industry, use of advanced techniques such as artificial intelligence in TES, and social, environmental, and educational aspects. 

Theoretical, numerical, and experimental approaches will be presented for the entire range of applications, from material characterization to complete storage systems. 


ADSC will also introduce the ASTEP project, as a Horizon2020 4 years project with a consortium of 15 partners working on it. The objective of the project to successfully demonstrate the viability of applying solar thermal energy to partially cover heating, and/or cooling demands in two different industrial demo sites located on two different climate regions, and to further develop the implementation of solar thermal energy in industrial processes up to 400 ºC. 

With the first Industrial Site which is the dairy company MANDREKAS, located at a latitude of 37.93 N (Corinth, Greece) with a heating demand for steam at 175 ºC and a cooling demand at 5 ºC.  

And with the second site which is the world’s leading steel company, ArcelorMittal, with a heating demand above 220 ºC for a factory located at a latitude of 47.1 N (Iasi, Romania).  

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