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As part of the ASTEP project, we are pleased to introduce the Solar Energy Helix, an international open innovation online community of specialists in various fields such as solar energy and decarbonisation.

Hosted by our consortium partner Crowdhelix on their open innovation platform, the Solar Energy Helix will form the hub of a virtual community where interested participants will be able to follow the project’s advancements, activities, events, and results, as well as share specific collaboration opportunities related to this topic. Focussed on disseminating the project’s results and creating a self-sustainable research community around solar energy, the Helix will continue supporting ASTEP even beyond the end of the project as the Crowdhelix team will notably provide access to domain experts, SME’s and industry partners.

The goal is to have 150 organisations profiled on the Solar Energy Helix by the end of the second year of the project. These organisations will include end-users, exploiters, participants of previously funded H2020 projects and other relevant industrial actors. This variety of stakeholders will cover all the project’s aspects, and will therefore guarantee continued interest from key actors, during and after the project.

If you are interested in solar energy or you are involved in a similar project, then join the Helix and start engaging with us and other partners from across Europe and beyond.
For more information on how to gain access to the Solar Energy Helix, please email

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