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We are conducting a crucial survey to assess industrial interest in applying solar thermal energy to industrial processes (ASTEP).

We invite stakeholders, domain experts, and the public to participate. Help us assess the application of solar thermal energy in industrial processes by participating in our survey.


The ASTEP system, commissioned by the EU under the Solar Heat for Industrial Process (SHIP) strategy, provides up to 120 MWh of solar thermal energy annually. It is suitable for medium to high-temperature requirements of up to 400°C. Our prototypes have shown significant benefits, including:

  • 20% reduction in energy consumption
  • Annual cost savings of up to €25,000
  • Reduction of 45 tonnes in CO₂ emissions per year

and used solely for research purposes. Ethical approval has been granted by Brunel’s Research Ethics Committee.

Why Participate?

Your input will help us understand industrial perceptions and the feasibility of integrating ASTEP into various industrial settings. The survey includes 25 questions designed to gather insights on ASTEP’s acceptance, feasibility, and strategic upscaling.

How to Participate

Please complete the Consent Form on the first page of the survey. The survey link is provided below:

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Confidentiality and Ethical Approval

All information shared will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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For further inquiries or additional details, please contact Imaad Zafar at


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