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SolarPACES 2021

Five exiting SolarPACES days are over with plenty of inspiring presentations and lively discussions between experts worldwide. CRES honoured to participate in the conference by chairing the Solar Industrial Process Heat and Thermal Desalination session FRI-1B.

In FRI-1B Solar Industrial Process Heat and Desalination session were included 6 very interesting presentations.

The presentations were focused on integration and simulation of solar thermal energy systems to diary processes, material selection and prototype design of PCM storage for SHIP applications, simulation and economic analysis of Linear Fresnel collectors for SHIP applications and thermodynamic modelling of industrial scale solar desalination plants.

The overall status of concentrating solar systems in SHIP applications was also presented. In the session, more than 80 experts participated, and a series of interesting questions were discussed and replied in its duration.

ASTEP project was also there with the presentation “Integration and Simulation of Solar Thermal Energy to Diary Processes” introduced by Hadi Tannous, from Brunel University as partner of the project.

Next SolarPACES conference is planned for September 26-30, 2022, in Albuquerque.

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