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The Solar Energy Helix Community reaches 100+ organisations!

After 18 months of hard work and dedication, the ASTEP Consortium is pleased to announce that the Solar Energy Helix community has reached over 100 organisations from across the globe.

The Solar Energy Helix is an international Open Innovation community of specialists in various fields such as Solar Energy and Decarbonisation. Launched to support ASTEP’s impact and dissemination activities, this technology cluster is hosted by our Consortium partner and Communication Manager of ASTEP, Crowdhelix, on their open innovation platform. The Helix aims to form a virtual hub where interested participants are able to follow the project’s advancements, activities, events, and results, as well as share specific collaboration opportunities related to this topic.

Our goal is to have 150 organisations profiled on the Solar Energy Helix by the end of the second year of the project. So far, the Helix is hosting 243 users from over 100 organisations in 33 countries and 4 continents. 

As we aim for the community to become a self-sustainable one, the Consortium aims to invite into the Helix not only domain experts from research performing organisations, but also SMEs and industry partners. Up to date, the community has welcomed universities, research centres, SMEs, corporates as well as municipalities. 

Solar Helix Participation (1)

If you are interested in solar energy or involved in a similar project, then we encourage you to join the Helix and start engaging with us and other partners from across Europe and beyond.

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Author: Andreea Petrea (CHX)

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