Astep Project

Visit to Mandrekas dairy, Corinth, Greece

On the 25th of November 2022, Consortium members from DRA, CRES, BUL and REL visited the Mandrekas dairy in Corinth, to plan on-site case study testing (under WP7 “Monitoring”). 

Others from UPM, UNED and ADSC joined for an online meeting and discussions in the afternoon.

Mandrekas made great progress in preparing for delivery of the ASTEP components. A new multi-level platform has been built to house the Sundial (top level) and Thermal Energy Store (lower level). Other site adjustments are well under way, and Mandrekas will be ready for delivery of the systems once laboratory testing is completed under WP6 “Construction, Testing and Validation of ASTEP Concept at Laboratory Environment“.

The Consortium members viewed the entire production process (from pasteurisation to packaging), the boiler house and the platform where the ASTEP system will be housed, from ground level and from the roof of the main plant area.

From left to right: Andreas Afentakis (REL), Vasilis Mandrekas (MAND), Richard Law (DRA), Andreas Androutsopoulos (CRES), Lisa Gobio-Thomas (BUL), Imaad Zafar (BUL), Peter Kew (DRA), Telis Botzios (CRES).
Platform from ground level
Platform from roof level (1)
Platform from roof level (2)

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